EverWing Cheats – Destroy The Competition With Our Tips & Tricks

People who are very powerful in EverWing have two main things in common:

Firstly, they identify the strongest characters to use.

Secondly, they use as many EverWing tips & tricks along with clever usage of game mechanics.

But, before we go any further…

EverWing Cheats and EverWing Hacks are FAKE

Anybody claiming to be able to grant you unlimited currency, lives or damage in EverWing is lying in order to earn money from you, due to the online nature of this game it is impossible to cheat in, however you can gain the edge on other players with our tips and tricks laid out here.

Now, I bet you are asking “How can I become like the highest rated players?” Well follow our list of tips and tricks to find out how!

1. Obtain Lily ASAP

Your first goal in EverWing should be to earn enough money to purchase Lily. Her special ability grants you double coins at the end of every level, this will never stop being useful for as long as you play EverWing and will allow you to unlock more fairies, dragons and power much quicker.

2. Obtain Sophia Next

Any seasoned player will tell you to never use Sophia for the normal or boss raid modes in EverWing, however she is must have character for one simple reason, her special effect. Sophia will cut down the time of any quest adventure by 50%, this allows you to gain 50% more experience and coins by vastly increasing the amount of adventure quests you can complete.

3. Focus on Defense

Although it might seem temping to focus all your efforts on destroying the enemy, this is a common mistake many players make. Instead, focus on dodging attacks, rather than doing damage. The longer you live the more damage you will deal and the more enemies you will kill, with such a limited amount of lives for your fairy it’s important to avoid enemy attacks at all costs.

4. Level up your fairies

Always make sure to invest in levelling up your fairies, the bonuses provided from these are 100% necessary to make any progress in this game. No matter how skilful you are, you can’t perform well without your fairies performing at their best.

5. Level up your dragons

Just like the fairies, keeping your dragons at the highest level you can is a key part at progressing and improving in EverWing, although the dragons are noticeably weaker than the fairies themselves, they still bring many benefits to the table which cannot be ignored.

6. Match zodiac signs for maximum benefits

Matching the zodiac signs of your dragons will increase their stats when evolving them, learning to seize every advantage wherever you can is how you become one of the highest ranked EverWing players, and this is a great tip.

7. Learn the attack patterns

All boss enemies in EverWing have distinctive attack patterns, focus on dodging their attacks and learning their patterns before trying to kill them with 0 hits taken for a maximum score.

8. Use the appropriate rarity dragons

The different rarities of dragons have different benefits, common dragons have the highest base damage. Rare dragons have 1 special passive ability. Legendary dragons have 2 special passive abilities alongside having better damage than rare dragons. Finally raid legendary dragons have 2 specialised passives for use in the raid encounters.

9. Choose the right fairy for the job

Depending on what you are trying to do, different fairies will work better for you. Just trying to farm coins? Then Lily is the best choice. Trying to set a new high score? Then Aurora is the most suitable fairy. Trying to kill a boss? Lenore is your go to.

Speaking of bosses, check out this awesome guide to learn all about the strengths and weaknesses of bosses:

10. Only purchase golden eggs

Many players have run the numbers on this and have come to the conclusion that golden eggs have the best returns on average, don’t waste your time with others.

11. Sell unwanted dragons at level 29

Selling your unwanted dragons from golden eggs at level 29 will make you a profit of roughly 8000 coins, however selling them at level 30 will grant you trophies instead, which are less useful than coins. Although this seems like a strange mechanic, its another example of knowledgeable players getting the edge over others.

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